Our Employees

At Binatech, our employees are our most valuable asset, and we believe that an employee-friendly workplace is key to our success. Watch the videos and hear what it is like to work at Binatech.

Tech MVP Award

Binatech’s Tech MVP Award is a way of showing our employees that their hard work is valued. The purpose of this award is to recognize the innovative and creative staff at Binatech. This award will be given to one individual who has generated the most significant and valuable idea that positively influences the company as a whole. This idea demonstrates commitment, diligence and innovation. The employee who wins this award will receive $1000 for his or her innovative idea that sets our company apart from others.

The Tech MVP Award is granted to the service technician who best meets all the following criteria:

  • Has to be technology driven
  • Needs to be used company wide
  • Directly needs to have a profound effect in saving time for our department, or
  • Delivery to clients (Is it a time saver? Benefit to all clients? If it only applies to one or two clients or one or two techs then it does not merit consideration)
  • Makes us as a department more efficient
  • Needs to be implemented, tested, documented and then presented to the group
  • Needs to be in place for 3 months to see the value
  • Needs to be voted on by our department
  • Next one will be in December and yearly from that point forward
  • Will not be given out if not all of the criteria has been met
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