The team at Binatech is responsive to our requirements, is involved in our technology and system decisions, and continues to provide solutions and best practices as we continue to grow as an organization.

Having people such as the Binatech Team looking out for and managing our systems has allowed us to focus on what we do best, which is early learning and child care. Having an IT firm as a service manager eliminates the worry, timing and risk of service disruption with a team of professionals that are always available. It is a wise risk management investment.

Binatech provides a reliable, responsive and pro-active approach to our IT requirements, allowing us to focus on our core services. IT professionals are responsive, solution oriented and ensure that all users feel supported with their system needs.

Chief Operating Officer
Today's Family Early Learning and Child Care

Binatech has been quick to address any IT issues as they arise. For instance, our service went down one weekend when one of our consultants was needing to complete an assignment. After a call to the emergency number for Binatech, the problem was resolved in a very short period of time, and the consultant was able to continue with his work.

This prompt and efficient service is particularly important to our firm, given that our staff members often work after regular business hours.

There have been minimal interruptions in our daily IT use and when problems do arise, Binatech offers quick response to correct the issues. Our specific requests have been handled efficiently, and the Binatech team is friendly, easy to deal with, and always willing to help. The technicians have demonstrated solid technical support, which gives us confidence that our IT needs will be adequately covered - one less thing for us to worry about.

Office Manager
Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.

Binatech is a full-service IT provider that prides themselves on strong customer service, support and a high level of understanding. We have been using Binatech for the past several years and are confident in their ability to support our business on every level. They are organized, have a quick response time and always go above and beyond.

Joan and her team have created a positive experience for us and we highly recommend them to any business.

Cole Integrated Systems Inc.

I can definitely say that if you are considering switching from your current service provider to Binatech that you won’t regret it. We have used their services for over 10 years and I don’t regret the switch to them. We have a busy, fast paced business which requires our computers to be up-to-date and running when we need them. Binatech’s service department is swift with their response and they know who we are and how we operate. We may not be a multi-million-dollar business but Binatech treats us with respect and efficiency as if we were family.

I appreciate the consistency of service and the personnel that know what they are doing and listen to our problems and get to the root of the problem to get us up and running in a timely and efficient manner. The service techs, when they call, are ready to work on the problem and don’t have to refer the problem to someone else and leave us waiting for hours for a response. They explain what the problem is and how to fix it and how to avoid it in the future. They keep me on top of the available technology and when updates to our system can be expected to be made in software and hardware, so I can budget for changes without the sticker shock of worrying about doing it TODAY.

If you are sitting on the fence wondering if the cost of the IT support is worthwhile, I can tell you the peace of mind that it gives all of us in the office is well worth it and you won’t regret it.

Office Administrator

Charlie Collura

Gus Galli