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Comprehensive and proactive IT management services

When an IT issue arises, most companies rely on a service provider who arranges a time to come on site, who then bills them for every hour spent on the job. This approach is reactive - the consultant is rushed to complete the work and the client usually does not allocate time for the consultant to properly manage their IT systems. This service model doesn’t work in the best interest of the client. But things are different when you partner with Binatech.

Enter into a relationship with Binatech and you are not charged by the hour, resulting in a better managed network with much fewer problems.

Binatech’s signature ITAdvantage Service Plan provides UNLIMITED servicing for one monthly fee. Under ITAdvantage we manage your network, provide you with strategic direction and provide all of the required IT services without billing you for each service call. We also remotely monitor all of your critical IT resources to quickly identify and address any potential problems before they cause trouble for your business.

Looking for alternative IT solutions for your business? Binatech’s expertise spreads over a broad spectrum of IT areas including Virtualization, Cloud Computing, IT Consulting, Application and Database Development, and more.

Binatech’s exceptional services and support will free your company from worrying about technology expenses and allow your business to benefit from properly managed IT resources.

Binatech understands your business goals and what it takes to get you there.

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