Technology As A Service (TaaS)

Have you considered Technology As A Service as a means to reduce IT Costs?

Many companies unknowingly increase their support costs by not replacing aging technology or implementing new technology. This decreases client productivity, increases client support costs and decreases client profitability. This is where our Technology As A Service (TaaS) solutions can help.

TaaS from Binatech is a comprehensive support program that increases clients’ productivity and profitability by providing turnkey management and acquisition of technology. This leads to a lower cost of ownership for the client.

Our program is unique in the fact that we not only provide IT hardware and software for a monthly fee but we tie in our support and project services which results in lower overall support costs to the client over the term of the agreement. This all results in increased productivity for the client and ultimately a more profitable company.

How Binatech’s TaaS program works:

  • Your technology is maintained under warranty and support for the life of the agreement and is provided for a monthly fee with complete flexibility to adjust as you grow
  • Ongoing management of your IT resources is included
  • Solution can be on premise, in the cloud or a hybrid of both
  • Replacement technology and services are provided at the end of the term resulting in reduced project costs./li>

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Binatech’s TaaS is a unique IT support program that provides small and medium-sized businesses a new way to better their business and increase profits at the same time.

Lower support and ongoing project costs with our TaaS program.

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