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Your success is what matters.

For over 30 years, we have been serving our customers with their best interest in mind, because we believe, when our customers succeed, we succeed.

We’ve been providing custom IT solutions to solve the frustrations of our customers in the manufacturing, healthcare, law, and constructions industries with prices that are affordable and results that make a real difference.

Our aim is to solve problems before they happen and eliminate IT issues before they create costly damages and downtime for your business. Don’t give IT problems control of your company. Let us take the frustration out of your technology solutions and give you and your employees the time and resources to grow your business and serve your customers with the excellence you aim for.



“Binatech provides us with a great sense of security in a time when invisible harm threatens every business. We feel our company is protected from current and future threats thanks to Binatech’s proactive network monitoring. Binatech allows our business to operate with the most advanced technology available to an organization our size. Any time we have any questions or problems, Binatech’s technicians are very responsive allowing us to resolve things and get back to business.”

Keanin Loomis, President & CEO
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

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We have been ridding our customers of their IT frustrations for over 30 years. When it comes to your business, experience matters. Our experience allows us to provide you with the best service in the industry so you never miss a step in your business.


Customer Support

We understand how devastating IT problems can be for your business. That’s why we are ridiculously responsive to our customers. You should never have to wait to get your IT working the way it should.


You Come First

Our priority is your business. That’s why we offer you the right solutions at an affordable cost. Technology doesn’t have to be expensive or frustrating. We want to change the way you think about IT.

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We believe technology should be your ally, not a necessary evil. That’s we’re offering a free network assessment so you experience the Binatech difference risk free.

We’ll run an audit on your network, see if there are any weaknesses in your infrastructure and advise you on solutions that will rid you of your frustration and give you the peace of mind knowing your network is secure, efficient, and operating at its best.

The Binatech difference is proactive solutions, solving problems before they happen so you don’t experience the costliness of an inefficient network. Let us help you save time, money and frustration with solutions that actually work.

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