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Disaster-proof your business and bounce back from any accident or attack

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We’ll pinpoint your risks and create clear-cut processes to help you recover from disruptions fast and keep your clients’ trust intact

Think your company will always be safe from natural disasters and that hackers only target corporate enterprises? Think again: 40% of businesses never get back up after a disaster, and 7 out of 10 SMBs that experience major data loss go out of business within a year.

You've worked too hard to be a statistic. Equip your company with the resilience to respond to the unexpected with Binatech’s Business Continuity Planning service. We’ll assess your risks and priorities, and determine your maximum allowable downtime. Then, we’ll provide step-by-step emergency recovery plans for different scenarios and implement best-in-class security and recovery tools that ensure your business survives the threats of today and tomorrow.

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Our Business Continuity Planning also comes with:

  • Proactive backup solutions – retrieve your critical files in no time with our automated data backup and recovery systems
  • Unified off-site data center – store your data on a single cloud-based platform, say goodbye to hard disk failure risk, and enjoy more physical space in your office
  • Training and awareness program – prepare your employees to spot risks and respond to crises quickly and effectively
  • Ongoing support – ensure your Business Continuity plans are up to par with regular updates and expert advice

What our clients say

Keanin Loomis

Binatech provides us with a great sense of security in a time when invisible harm threatens every business. We feel our company is protected from current and future threats thanks to Binatech’s proactive network monitoring. Binatech allows our business to operate with the most advanced technology ...Read More

Keanin Loomis
President & CEO
Hamilton Chamber of Commerce

Ensure your business stays resilient through any crisis with Binatech’s Business Continuity Planning

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