Make informed business decisions by knowing exactly what’s going on with your entire network.

Identify Performance Issues
Diagnose Network Vulnerabilities
Assess Management and Usage

Is your network operating as well as it should be?

The success of your business depends on the technology that supports it. If your IT isn’t operating like it should, you may experience unexpected downtime, inefficient work flows, and security issues.

Leaving your network unattended is like failing to maintain a powerful engine of an expensive vehicle. Proper diagnostic check ups will keep you running at your best.

Protect your investment. Stay in the know.

Binatech’s network audit will identify any issues beyond what you’re capable of seeing. We’ll do a deep dive into your IT’s infrastructure and find any gaps or glaring problems that should be taken care of

A complete audit of your system will give you reports on:

  • Your network’s productivity. We’ll identify which areas are being backlogged and preventing you from running at peak performance.
  • Your network’s resources. We’ll assess your resources across devices and which ones are taking up the most bandwidth.
  • Your network’s security. We’ll pinpoint any vulnerabilities or areas of weakness that could be easy access for hackers.


Stop wondering what’s going on with your network.

Keeping a close eye on the condition of your network will ensure you’re never caught off guard with issues that could affect your bottom line. Binatech’s Network Audit will rapidly identify all your network’s assets, anomalies, and vulnerabilities so you can stay vigilant and ensure your IT operations continue to run smoothly.


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