Our Solutions are Designed to Help Your Business Grow.

It’s our business to think about your business. We’re always looking for ways to help you serve your customers better, make your company more efficient, and grow your company. Our upfront pricing, state-of-the-art solutions, and customer service are all designed to give you the quality service you deserve.

When you succeed, we succeed.


Services We Provide

Below is a list of solutions we provide for our customers. Click the links to learn more about each solution we can offer you.


Managed IT Solutions

We help you stay focused on what matters most by keeping your IT operating smoothly and efficiently so you can exceed your company’s goals.

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Business Continuity Plan

Don’t let interruptions slow your business down. We can help you implement and execute a continuity plan so you’re never in danger of missing out on serving your customers with excellence.

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IT Consulting

There’s nothing worse than wasting precious time and money on the wrong equipment. Let us guide you through the process of upgrading, replacing, or improving your company’s IT so you spend your vital resources on the right solutions.

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Network Security

Hackers are spending less time on the big companies, and more time going after the small business. We can secure your network so you can avoid costly breaches and data loss, and serve your customers with confidence and security.

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Dark Web

Data breaches and identity theft is becoming a common issue in our modern world. We can scan the dark web, help you monitor your credit, and protect you and your company’s identity from nasty threats that can take years and thousands of dollars to recover from.

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Cloud Services

Cloud services is an affordable and efficient way to grow your company, but it can often come with a security cost. We offer safe and secure cloud services so you can grow your business without expensive hardware that needs constant maintenance.

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Hosted Telephony Solutions

Our VOiP phone solutions allow you and y our team to work like never before. Work from anywhere in the world and stay connected to voicemail, conference calls, email, screen sharing and more as if you were in the office. See all the features of our phone technology solutions and how they can help you be more productive, save time and money, and expand your business.

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We can help make your technological solutions more efficient, faster, and budget friendly allowing your more time and resources to serve your customers, grow your business and retain your best employees. We partner with Citrix to virtualize anything from networks to storage, laptops, servers, hardware, operating systems, and applications.

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Let us provide, maintain, and manage and your technology solutions so your business is always running efficiently, cost effective, and profitably. We want your technology to help you serve your customers well and grow your business, not be the source that holds you back. You and your customers deserve excellence and we want to deliver it with pride.

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Hosted Solutions

We provide hosting solutions, allowing us to securely house and maintain your server so you don’t have to worry about expensive equipment and maintenance. Our technicians and engineers keep your server operating at its best so you never have to worry about your data, software, or technology operations.

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Microsoft Office 365

In today’s competitive business environment, companies need access to high-performance web applications in order to drive more productivity, increase employee collaboration, and boost profitability. Microsoft Office 365 solutions from Binatech ensure exactly that and more.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Our solutions ensure your data is always backed up and your business will keep moving forward despite any catastrophe or disaster. Our recovery solution allow you to back up the most recent data within hours so you never lose customer information, the latest project breakthroughs, or the work your team is doing to push your company forward.

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