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IT Problems Should Never Get In The Way Of Good Business

When IT solutions are complicated and overwhelming you can quickly spend too much time troubleshooting instead of what you should be doing — running a business.

Growing a business in a competitive market needs all your attention. It’s time to stop struggling with frustrating IT issues and get back to what you do best — serving your customers.

5 Common IT issues that are costing your business money.

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Get Those IT Problems Off Your Plate

Your business needs you.

Clients and customers evaluating the added value of Binatech's IT solutions to their bottom line.

If your IT has you stuck, confused and frustrated, it’s time to get the right solutions in place so you can move forward.

You deserve to focus on your business while offering the best results for your customers.

“Binatech has been quick to address any IT issues as they arise. There have been minimal interruptions in our daily IT use and when problems do arise, Binatech offers quick response to correct the issues. The technicians have demonstrated solid technical support, which gives us confidence that our IT needs will be adequately covered - one less thing for us to worry about”.

Bruna Fischer, Office Manager Watson & Associates Economists Ltd.

We Can Help We’ve been offering IT solutions since 1989

We understand how frustrating it can be when IT gets in the way of great businesses becoming successful. Which is why we believe in offering the right tools and services to keep you running smoothly and serving your customers with ease and confidence.

For the past 30 years we’ve helped over 300 businesses solve their IT problems. We can do the same for you.

Here’s How We Do It

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1. Schedule a Free Network Assessment

We’ll evaluate your network to understand your problems and offer the best solutions to fix them.

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2. Create a Custom Solution

Once we’ve identified your problems we’ll create a custom plan with solutions unique to your business needs.

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3. Watch Your Business Grow

With the right solutions in place you’ll stop worrying about your IT problems and focus on growing a successful business.

“What Binatech does better than other IT Services and Support providers is timely and effective communication. No problem or question goes unresolved and usually the same day and the remote assistance is superb. My recommendations to any business that is unsure of taking on Binatech is to spend 10 minutes with them, have them explain their negating of ransomware – the manner in which this was detailed to us and the gaps in other’s IT as to why and how these situations occur – in and of itself should be sufficient for someone to make the change.”

S. Scott Knight, Chief Operating Officer & Director of Claims Fenchurch General Insurance Company

When Your IT Runs Smoothly, So Does Your Business

With a custom IT solutions plan from Binatech you’ll have:

  • Reliable and secure IT
  • Business management without IT interruptions
  • Continuous solutions
  • More time to grow your business
  • More productive staff and team
  • More time and money

“Binatech is there when the going gets tough!

We don’t think much about our IT support when everything is working fine, but when things come off the rails it’s reassuring to know Binatech IT support is there for us. They are diligent in designing, securing and backing up our systems, which give us peace of mind. Binatech allows our business to get back on track in a timely manner, giving us more time to do what we do best. Our company has had more than its share of notable events (major server malfunction and a server theft), but with the support of Binatech we have been back up and running in short order in both instances. We highly recommend Binatech System Solutions as an IT support provider for other business like us!”

Cameron Baillie, Chief Financial Officer Marz Homes

Get Your IT Operating Like It’s Supposed To

Business owners happy with their IT services

When you do you’ll eliminate the frustration you, your employees and customers experience from problematic and complicated IT solutions.

You’ll also decrease the risk of your network being open and vulnerable to attacks.

Unfortunately, big businesses aren’t the only ones being targeted maliciously. Small businesses are at risk every day. Protect yourself by taking care of your IT issues today.