5 Enormous benefits IT consulting can bring to your business

5 Enormous benefits IT consulting can bring to your business

Business technology is ridiculously complicated. Even after you’ve spent countless hours finding your way around the hype and figuring out what all the acronyms mean, that doesn’t mean you’re necessarily ready to temporarily fill the role of a CTO in your organization. That’s ‘Chief Technology Officer’ for the uninitiated, and it’s a role that commands an average salary of $135,000 per year in Ontario – far beyond what most small businesses can afford.

Since having a dedicated IT department is rarely either affordable or desirable for most smaller organizations, the only practical alternative is to partner with an IT consultancy firm. Rather than acting as a vendor, a great IT consultant is a valuable business partner who can bring the expertise you need to thrive in today’s technology-driven corporate environment.

Here are just a few ways such a partnership can help your business grow:

More time to focus on core business priorities

When you’re busy running a business, chances are you don’t have nearly enough time or willpower to navigate the complex world of enterprise IT. Furthermore, without a suitable IT infrastructure at their disposal, employees will end up wasting time trying to find inadequate workarounds to trivial problems. By working with an expert in the field who understands your industry, you’ll be able to focus on what you do best – running your business.

Greater economies of scale

Like it or not, technology is the driving force behind every modern business. Keeping current is just as important as being able to identify the hype and avoid unnecessary disruption. However, companies often end up being hamstrung by outdated and inefficient technology to the extent they miss out on new opportunities and quickly get usurped by their more innovative competitors. With scalability being a key priority for today’s business technology, partnering with a consultant can give you access to solutions that grow with your company, rather than end up working against it.

Enhanced productivity, less downtime

IT downtime is one of the biggest causes of lost productivity and brand damage. Building a stable and dependable infrastructure must be a top priority, but that’s not likely to happen when you’re relying only on in-house resources and people who aren’t best-equipped to tackle technology problems. A great IT consultant, however, has a vested interest in keeping your business systems running at peak performance.

Increased control over operating expenses

Forget technology vendors for a moment and look instead at the bigger picture. Rather than being seduced by the latest gadgetry, business leaders should be reducing capital expenses related to existing technology solutions and turning them into predictable operational expenses instead.

By outsourcing your IT, you can say goodbye to recruitment costs, additional training, costly hardware expenses and reactive support that only kicks in after something breaks. With a reliable and proactive technology partner on your side, costs are instead budgeted for, forecasted, and ultimately in your control.

On-demand computing resources

As every business leader knows, efficiency goes hand-in-hand with cost savings. If your in-house servers are running at half capacity, or you’re forking out cash for new workstations whenever you recruit a new employee, you don’t have an efficient operation.

IT consultants don’t just bring expertise to your organization, they also come with a huge referral network that provides easy access to proven technical solutions, administrative functions, and more. If your business is struggling to keep up with demand, or its day-to-day IT support requirements are constantly changing, then working with a consultancy firm can provide the flexibility you need.

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