5 Ways small business can benefit from a partnership with an MSP

5 Ways small business can benefit from a partnership with an MSP

Meeting the demands of customers has never been as difficult as it is in today’s internet-driven environments. As changing customer habits drive the need for businesses to innovate as quickly as possible, progress can come to a grinding halt when resources are scarce, and the corporate technology landscape is more complicated than ever. At that point, technology becomes your greatest enemy when it should be your most valuable asset.

That’s why managed services providers (MSPs) have popped up everywhere in recent years. MSPs are companies that specialize in business technology to provide the resources most smaller organizations simply cannot afford to maintain in-house. They offer a framework to deliver the technology and expertise today’s organizations need to solidify their competitive advantage, boost efficiency, and regain control over costs.

Faster resolution times

With many in-house data centers bursting at the seams with increasing demands for internet-connected apps and data, inefficient technology leads to longer response times and extended downtime. When employees are faced with an issue that they’re ill-equipped to deal with themselves, their morale and productivity will suffer.

Partnering with an MSP, however, provides a proactive approach to IT by monitoring your network performance and security around the clock and responding to any support requests within the time limit specified in their service level agreements (SLAs).

Cloud-enabled scalability

When your systems can’t keep up during periods of increased demand there are long lasting effects. To give an example, think about how much money an accounting firm could miss out on if their website or phone systems crashed during tax season. Another common scalability problem is being forced to invest in costly additional hardware that you only need to use a small portion of.

The best IT providers are the ones that offer cloud services ranging from web-based productivity apps to virtual desktops to give you access to a scalable infrastructure that grows alongside your business needs.

Increased productivity

Slow, inefficient, and unreliable technology is one of the most common employee complaints. When employees are wasting time staring at loading screens and error messages, trying to navigate around complicated interfaces, or solve IT problems, productivity and morale will suffer.

MSPs work with major cloud providers like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google to deliver cutting-edge data center hardware to their clients. IT issues are also proactively resolved by a team of technicians to eliminate disruptions. Few companies can afford to deploy such technology in-house.

Enhanced mobility

Mobile and remote work is no longer a trend – it’s the new norm. Cubicle farms belong to a bygone era as employees demand greater flexibility over when and where they work, and businesses look for ways to reduce costs. Many innovative startups are now working entirely through the internet, without having any central office at all.

For a small business to accomplish this, it needs a cloud provider that can build a virtualized computing infrastructure. That way, all the resources your employees need for work are accessible from any device in any location.

Better security

Information security has gotten much more complicated and multifaceted in the age of cloud and mobile technologies. Cybercriminals are constantly looking for ways to exploit businesses that rely on dated technology, while those obsessed with innovating on their own are popular targets simply because of their lack of experience.

Partnering with an MSP doesn’t just give you easy access to the latest technologies – it also lets you tap into industry-leading expertise to ensure that your journey to the cloud is a safe and productive one. They also provide round-the-clock network security monitoring to keep your digital assets safe.

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