Antivirus is Not a Protection Strategy for Small Business

Antivirus is Not a Protection Strategy for Small Business


Let’s start with the basics. The very first thing that comes to mind when we think PC protection is Antivirus, but how does this software work?

Antivirus is a software that protects and removes known viruses, worms and trojans from your computer. This type of software was invented in the 1980-1990’s after the Creeper Virus was first detected in the early 1980’s. It seems like a lifetime ago. Since then, antivirus programs have upgraded, improved and may as well be the perfect solution for your home PC but is it enough to protect your business in the 2019?

The speed at which technology has advanced in the last 5 decades, it’s blowing our minds, and it still takes some businesses by surprise. With that in mind, I’m sure that most businesses are not astonished when they are advised that Antivirus is truly not enough protection for their networks.

Because of this, all Managed IT services really recommend various protection solutions to its clients. In the tech world, we call this layered security. You can compare layered security to a vehicle. You have air bags, seat belts, sensors to notify you when a car is too close or a person crossing the street in close range, reverse cameras, all these added features are meant for one reason, to keep us protected and safe, but each one works in different ways and do different things. Layered security for a Small Business Network works the same way.

Let’s discuss some of these solutions


This is the software that all workstations and servers should have as the first level of protection to any networks. This software prevents, detects and removes malware. Malware is a program that would automatically install on your pc when connected to an infected drive and it’s designed to create some damage and collect information that has been stored on the device/PC. If one PC gets infected, it’s highly probable that other pcs on the network will get infected if the intervention is not quick enough. Our recommended solution for Antivirus is Symantec Endpoint Protection Cloud.

Spam Filtering – Email Security

This product helps users by weeding out phishing, spam and junk mail from their inbox. Since emails are so essential to our day to day operations, it’s no surprise that they have also become a target by cyber criminals. Emails can be used as bait for naive end-users to open or forward. Even with additional security it’s still very important that employees follow the rule and not open anything that looks suspicious.

In additional to Spam Filtering a Business can implement SPF Records. This is the process where all the IPS addresses that are used to send emails from for your business are recorded and published on DNS. This procedure helps prevent your email address from being used as a spam or spoofed (this is when an email address is used as fake to make the spam email seem authenticated/genuine). Barracuda is a reliable solution for this level of protection and it’s endorsed by us.

DNS Security Filtering

This is a procedure where you lock out access to certain websites, webpages and even IPS addresses. The benefit of this further protection is that the end-users will no longer have access to sites that have been restricted by the administrator and therefore, providing additional security to the organization's network. OpenDNS is what we commend.


2 factor authentication credential Security - This type of service and protection provides a higher level of security when logging in to data critical accounts. Unless the cybercriminal has your email address and access to your email account, they will not have access to the numerical passcode that is sent to your email account on each login attempt.

Network Security

Every business, no matter the size needs Network Protection. Intrusion Prevention, URL Filtering, GateWay Antivirus, Reputation Based Threat Prevention, Spam Prevention and Application Control. Network security controls the access to a businesses’ network by stopping various threats from entering it and spreading to other hardware. Network Security consists of both hardware and Software.

Intrusion Prevention, URL Filtering and Application Control are just some of the Network Security Solutions you should be aware of when considering and shopping for your Network Security. We recommend WatchGuard Technologies for this solution as their product includes both hardware and software and covers all spectrums of security.


This is a solution that can detect compromised credentials associated with your organization and provides instant notification before a cybercriminal has the chance to use this information for identity theft or other crimes like data breaches. We often find that users have the same credentials for more than one online service which increases the possible damage if the username and password is ever compromised.

IDAgent is an amazing solution that can bring your business piece of mind that even if ever compromised, the real-time notification gives any company enough time to reach and save a lot of time and stress.

Internally, all these levels of protection are important to enable a business to run smoothly, as well as to keep its hardware and shared data protected, secure and prevent downtime. Externally, these securities are also important to be able to keep client data safe and secure.

No matter the business, staying protected is of high importance.

If you currently have a Managed Service Provider, ensure to discuss the many solutions available to ensure that your business is always moving forward and staying protected in this technology driven world.