October Newsletter


Darker mornings and a touch of frost let us know that fall is here. Welcome to the month of October!

If you are one of the ones working past 5pm, you will soon have no daytime at all. It is hard on our bodies to adjust to the morning darkness and early nights, and so our sleeping habits may be disturbed.

September Newsletter

Here we go again, the beginning of the school year is just days away and I’m thinking, are we physically and mentally ready? I know, you’re thinking I should be asking “Are the kids ready?” but without a doubt I am wondering if we the parents are ready.

August Newsletter

With our busy and sometimes stressful life, it’s inevitable to sometimes forget to do things that make us happier and brighten up our day.

There are so many little things that we can include in our daily regimen to improve this. So simple yet so fast forgotten, here are a few I’ve come across:

Make time for family and friends.