Ways technology can boost business efficiency

Ways technology can boost business efficiency

Businesses need to ride the ever-evolving wave of technology to stay relevant. Embracing it can be quite confusing, given that there are a myriad of options available for all businesses. However, by understanding the benefits of technology, companies are well on their way to better growth.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways technology can improve business efficiency:

#1. Increased productivity

Technology allows organizations to speed up processes and make collaboration easier. For instance, communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams help employees communicate faster with each other.

Technology can also streamline mundane tasks such as managing your accounts and improving sales processes. Employees can then finish their daily tasks faster and have more time for more strategic endeavors.

#2. Enhanced marketing

Businesses used to spend a fortune just to advertise their products on newspapers, billboards, and TV and radio stations. However, through digital marketing, companies now have more options than ever.

This encompasses social media, email, websites, and other online channels. Unlike traditional advertising where you pay a fixed amount based on the length and size of the ad, online advertising services commonly charge on a pay-per-action basis. This means you will only be charged if a user takes action on your ad, and not by the ad placement itself.

What’s more, digital marketing tools often come with free analytics tools that help users gauge the best times to post their ads and the types of content that generate the most engagement.

There are also software that allow businesses to easily measure the effectiveness of their marketing strategies. For instance, MailChimp allows marketing teams to boost conversions and reach their consumer base using email campaigns. Meanwhile, Canva lets anyone, even non-designers, make sleek and professional-looking infographics and images, and churn them out at a faster rate because of all the available templates. Through every part of your marketing journey, there are tools you can use to maximize your company’s potential for growth.

#3. Better mobile working

The rapid advancement of technology has allowed users to go out of the usual office cubicle and work anywhere, anytime with just an internet-connected device.

With cloud-based solutions, companies can now have virtual teams and remote workers. Let’s say your staff are on the field and need to update their files immediately. In a traditional office environment, they would have to wait for the next work day before they can get to their computer and access their files. However, thanks to the cloud, they can easily access their files through a mobile device wherever they are.

#4. Improved customer service

Technology isn’t something that should entirely replace human interaction, but businesses can take advantage of it to provide better customer service. Here are some examples:

    Chatbots – Chatbots are becoming popular these days as a quicker method to answer clients’ queries even if there’s no one in the office to attend to them. They can also be trained to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) so customer service representatives (CSRs) can focus on more complex inquiries.

    CRM software – Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions such as Zoho and Hubspot streamline communication by bringing your website, social media accounts, and other sales and marketing channels to one platform, so you can view what needs to be given attention in one dashboard. For instance, dashboards can show a task’s progress. If you’re monitoring the status of multiple activities or comparing data over certain periods, business dashboards can be significantly helpful.

    Social media – You can also use the power of social media to connect to your customers immediately. If they have an issue with your product, they can easily contact you on platforms such as Messenger or Twitter for instant customer support.

    Knowledge base articles – Effective customer service goes way beyond human interaction since many customers today would rather find answers online on their own than talk to a support agent. IT departments can help customers even further by providing a knowledge base.

    A knowledge base is a centralized online database of FAQs, how-to articles, video tutorials, glossaries, case studies, and other relevant information that help customers understand your products and services better.

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