Why your business should upgrade to Windows 10

Why your business should upgrade to Windows 10

The demise of Microsoft’s Windows 7 operating system (OS) is looming, and many organizations are preparing for it. We’ve previously discussed what its end of support means for your business, and now that you understand the consequences of staying on with Windows 7, it’s time for you to learn why you need to upgrade to a more modern and secure OS like Windows 10.

Windows 10 offers almost the same familiar functionality as its predecessor but comes with a plethora of new features that make it ideal for productivity. Since its debut in 2015, the OS has also become faster and more stable.

Here are some compelling reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 10:

#1. User-friendly interface

Microsoft understands that Windows users prefer a more familiar user interface when they upgrade, so Windows 10 combines the classic Start menu and the Start screen found on Windows 8/8.1. It displays the app list on the left side of the menu, while pinned apps can be found on the right. The new Start menu also shows the apps you use most often and those you recently installed, so launching the program you want is much faster.

Windows 10 allows you to snap four windows at a time, side by side, on your screen, compared to only two on Windows 7. The OS also offers a Task View button on the taskbar, which allows users to see their open windows and program history, and add additional desktops. This can significantly help users improve their productivity and organization.

#2. Compatibility with Android devices and iPhones

Given that many users are now using personal mobile devices for work purposes, Windows 10 is making Android and iPhone integration easier.

By syncing an Android smartphone, for instance, Windows 10’s Your Phone app makes it possible for users to send and receive text messages, make and receive calls, see recent photos, and get real-time phone notifications right on their Windows 10 PC.

For users who are constantly switching between their phones and PCs, this feature enables a smoother workflow. For example, users can immediately respond to a text message from a customer, partner, or co-worker within the computer itself, removing the need to leave the workstation.

#3. Continuous updates

When you use Windows 10, you’re entitled to free security and feature updates. Also, through the Unified Update Platform (UUP), updates are much easier to manage. Instead of downloading an entire Windows build, the system will only download updates to the system, making the download package much smaller.

By constantly receiving updates, your business will always have the latest features that can help your systems run more smoothly and remain protected against the latest cyberthreats. You cannot get this from Windows 7 once it reaches its end of life in January.

Benefit From a More Secure and Powerful OS

You and your employees use computers everyday, so don’t risk the continuity of your business from costly operating system downtime.

#4. Better security

Unlike Windows 7, Windows 10 already comes with a built-in antivirus program called Windows Defender, which protects your PCs from threats in real time. One of its significant features is ransomware protection that prevents your files from being encrypted by the said malware. It also includes other tools that can be used against zero-day attacks, quarantine malicious programs on your network, and isolate infected systems.

Upgrading to Windows 10 also gives you the option to subscribe to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP), a cloud-based service for managing security threats across an organization.

Windows 10 also natively supports fingerprint and facial recognition through Windows Hello. Through a fingerprint scanner or an infrared camera, users can easily sign in to Windows without the need to enter a password or PIN, making it harder for hackers to access your systems and steal your data.

#5. Faster PC configuration

Windows 10 makes it easier for your business to set up a new computer through its Autopilot feature. This technology lets you set up system configurations that can be downloaded from the cloud to a business computer.

For instance, an employee can take a new PC and connect it to your network, and Autopilot will automatically download the configurations required by your organization. What’s more, PC settings can be tailored for a particular employee. This makes managing your business computers faster than ever.

It’s time for you to discover what Windows 10 can do for your business. With Binatech’s extensive IT experience with small businesses, we can best determine if your workstations are Windows 10-ready, and make the upgrade experience as stress-free as possible. Call us today.