Data Backup & Recovery

Binatech System Solutions’ Data Backup & Recovery service will ensure your data stays protected and your business has the resilience to survive any catastrophe. Our team will make multiple copies of your files, store them in our geo-redundant data centers, and deploy automatic replication programs so you can always access the latest version of your data. We then provide you a comprehensive guide to follow during emergencies. These protocols will help you recover within hours, not days, so you can continue serving your clients throughout the recovery period.

As a business owner, you’ve sacrificed so much to make your business profitable. Don’t risk your pride and joy by being unprepared. Partner with us and we'll recommend strategies to help you prepare for any crisis.

Data Backup & Recovery Service from Binatech includes:

  • Geo-redundant backups to guarantee you never lose your files
  • Routine restoration tests to determine whether your files are quickly retrievable
  • Optimal server environment to effectively and securely backup your data

Our strategic emergency planning service will ensure your business has the resiliency to thrive despite any disaster that comes your way.

Ensure business continuity today and for years to come!

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